The organization’s main objective is to organize a film festival on the themes of handicap, deficiency and difference. Through its activities, « EOP ! » aspires to develop an educational work, to raise awareness and to contribute to a collective reflection on the representation of deficient or disabled people, through a selection of Belgian and foreign creations, fiction or documentary, highlighting their capacities.

The organization aims at supporting broadcasting, but also at encouraging and promoting new creations on the subject and at sharing more of these intercultural and universal experiences.

The organization can accomplish all actions directly or indirectly linked to its social object, and notably all activities bringing out the capacities of deficient or disabled people, whether cultural or athletic (movie screenings, concerts, art exhibitions, conferences, debates, etc).

(Taken from « EOP ! » asbl statutes)

Board of directors 2016 > 2019

  • Mme Claire Cochez (Secretary)
  • Mme Claire Colart
  • Mme Françoise Louis Morin
  • Mr Cédric Defleur
  • Mr Damien Helbig
  • Mr Frédéric Storme
  • Mr Gilles Orts (Treasurer)
  • Mr Jean Paul Depoorter (President)
  • Mr Philippe Harmegnies (Vice-president)
  • Mr Serge Kestemont

Management of the association:

  • Mr Luc Boland (Artistic Director and CEO)
  • Mr Gilles Orts (Financial director)
  • Mr Philippe Molderez (Operational manager)
  • Mr Vincent Boland (Volunteer Coordinator)

Founders :

  • Mme Colart Claire
  • Mme Firquet Barbara
  • Mme Gillet Nicole
  • Mme Van der Staeten Karin
  • Mr Boland Luc
  • Mr Gérard Yves
  • Mr Helbig Damien
  • Mr Kestemont Serge
  • Mr Remacle Jacques
  • Mr Villano Franck

Want to join in this adventure?

You can send your member application by letter or email at

Extra & Ordinary People asbl
Rue des trois Tilleuls, 57
1170 Bruxelles